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Adult Ulpan (Hebrew Classes)

Adult Ulpan (Hebrew Classes) 
Sundays | 10 AM

Are you an adult who would like to learn Hebrew or take an online refresher course? Would you like to be able to read the Hebrew prayers, street signs in Israel, or simply spell your Hebrew name? Temple has the answer for you - Adult Ulpan at T.I.U. (Temple Israel University).  

You can learn Hebrew from alef-bet or build on what you already know with three levels being offered,
beginning this August.

Give us one hour on Sunday mornings and we will have you excelling in reading Hebrew - just like that!

Register below for the fall semester (August through December) and select which level you would like to attend (Aleph, Bet, or Gimel). T.I.U.'s registrar, Lynn Owen (, will be in touch with information on the practice book you will need and will connect you to the great instructors on our faculty: Barbara Mansberg, Teri Peacock, and Janet Zale.
Aleph (Beginners) - You will learn to recognize letters, learn sounds, and will be able to read some Hebrew words

Bet (Intermediate) - You will continue learning to read words and learn their meaning

Gimel (Advanced) - You will learn to translate Hebrew phrases and sentences

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784